Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

What is a Clean Air Zone?

A Clean Air Zone is an area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality, particularly because of pollution from road vehicles. In Birmingham, we are introducing a charging Category D Clean Air Zone, where the most polluting vehicles must pay if they wish to drive in the zone.

This means that the following vehicles will be charged if they are not compliant:

  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • HGVs (lorries)
  • LGVs (vans)
  • Taxis (including private hire vehicles and Hackney/ black cabs)
  • Cars

Motorcycles and mopeds will not be charged for entering the Clean Air Zone.

Vehicles which meet the following criteria will not be charged:

  • Diesel – Euro 6 (VI) standard or better (roughly end of 2015 onwards)
  • Petrol - Euro 4 standard or better (roughly 2006 onwards)
  • Gas – Euro 6 (VI) standard or better
  • Fully electric or hydrogen fuel cell – all are compliant and avoid CAZ charges
  • Hybrid electric – the diesel/petrol engine must meet the relevant criteria above

You can check if your vehicle will be charged using our vehicle checker.

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