Exemptions for commercial vehicles registered within the Clean Air Zone

If you are a business that meets all of the qualifying criteria below, you can apply for a temporary exemption permit for a maximum of two vehicles: 

  • Have a business address registered within the Clean Air Zone 
  • Have vehicles registered to the business that will be subject to the daily charge 

Check your vehicle

These exemptions are available for up to one year (12 months) from the launch of the Clean Air Zone (not from the date you apply), and will allow the vehicle(s) covered by these exemptions to drive through the zone without having to pay the daily charge. 

How do I apply? 

Apply for an exemption

When you apply for this exemption you will need to provide the following: 

Vehicle documentsAn image or copy of:  

  • Your V5C vehicle registration certificate (logbook). (The vehicle must also be registered with the DVLA in the business name and within the Clean Air Zone) 
  • Details of your entire fleet, including each vehicle’s registration, age and vehicle type approval (you can confirm this using the Government’s vehicle enquiry service) 

Location of your business: 

  • Registered name and address on letterheaded paper 
  • Companies house registration or VAT registration number 

Or in the case of a sole trader one of the following: 

  • Tax return
  • Business insurance 
  • Liability insurance 
  • Membership certification from Federation of Small Business (FSB) 
  • Business bank account statement 
  • A letter from accountant or solicitor confirming sole trader status (dated in last three months) 

What do I do next?   

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria for a commercial vehicle temporary exemption permit, you should submit an application with your supporting evidence today.  We will confirm whether or not your application has been successful before the launch of the Clean Air Zone.   

Other points to note: 

If your business has more than two vehicles that do not meet the emissions standards for the Clean Air Zone you must register the two newest non-compliant vehicles at the time of application. 

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Apply for an exemption