If you live in the Clean Air Zone

Alternatives to owning and driving a car

If you live in the Clean AIr Zone, you are within easy walking distance of the city centre, with many shops, leisure attractions and public transport interchanges.

Think about the journeys you currently make by car; if they are less than two miles, could you walk or cycle? Google Maps will plan a walking route for you, or try the CycleStreets journey planner for cycling route options.

For longer journeys, could public transport be an option? Use the Network West Midlands journey planner (this can suggest walking and cycling routes too) to find your options.

If you only need a car for a few journeys a week – maybe to do the weekly shop – joining a car club could be a really good option. Co-wheels has a number of cars in Birmingham city centre, and all its cars across Birmingham are Clean Air Zone compliant.

For longer, occasional journeys, you might find traditional car hire works out cheapest.

Finally, don’t forget about the good old taxi. When you need door to door transport, a taxi or private hire vehicle will get you there and avoid the hassle of having to find a parking space.

It might seem like there’s a lot to think about, but that’s just because you have so much choice and flexibility in how you travel. If you take the plunge and give up the expense of owning a car, the savings can add up to a lot of travel in other ways.