If you drive to work in the Clean Air Zone


If you work in the Clean Air Zone and meet certain criteria, we are not planning to charge you to drive into the zone until 2021, one year after the zone is introduced.

This temporary exemption is not automatic, and must be applied for provided you meet all of the criteria as outlined below: 

  • Be the registered keeper of a non-compliant vehicle 
  • Work more than 21 hours per week at business premises situated in the Clean Air Zone
  • Have an income for the tax year ending on 5 April 2019 of no more than £30,000

This will not be an automatic exemption, you will need to supply evidence that your usual place of work is within the the Zone, you currently drive to work and that your total gross annual salary is less than £30,000. We will only exempt one vehicle per applicant.

In order to apply, you will need to provide us with one of each of following: 

Proof of work address: 

  • A letter from your employer on company headed paper stating your hours and place of work

Proof of earnings: 

  • Your most recent P60
  • If self-employed, your most recent tax return

Proof of ownership of non-compliant vehicle

  • V5C certificate 

We expect the process for applying for an exemption to the charge to be open from spring 2020.