Information for Hackney Carriage vehicles

Electric taxi rental scheme

OPTION 3: Electric taxi rental scheme

This option is available to Birmingham hackney carriage drivers.

We are creating a fleet of at least 50 electric hackney carriages which will give you the option to rent a vehicle or ‘try before you buy’ for short periods of time.

To take advantage of this option you would need to:

  1. Register with the scheme through our rental partner.
  2. Sell or scrap your non-compliant vehicle and provide evidence that this has happened.
    • If you use the ‘try before you buy’ option you will be able to rent an electric taxi for a short period without selling or scrapping your non-compliant vehicle.
    • Once the ‘try before you buy’ period is completed, you will need to scrap or sell your non-compliant vehicle if you want to continue to use the rental scheme.
  3. Book and operate the taxis through the short-term rental scheme.

Things to consider:

  • There will be a cost to drivers to rent the vehicles.
  • The vehicles may be based at one or several locations – depending on your rental arrangement and the facilities of the rental partner. You will have to make your own way to and from this location when collecting and returning vehicles.
  • In times of high demand, vehicles may be unavailable.
  • The scheme will prioritise drivers who do not own or operate another taxi registered with Birmingham City Council.
  • Vehicles cannot be sub-leased.

When you have read all of the information in this section, please complete an expression of interest form.