Charges now live for Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

Charges now apply for non-compliant vehicles which drive through Birmingham's Clean Air Zone. Payment must be made within the allocated timeframe or a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued. Find out how to pay the charge

Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

Revenue raised from the Clean Air Zone

The objective of the Clean Air Zone is to improve air quality so when £0 money is raised, our objective will be achieved as it means no high-polluting vehicles will be passing through the zone.

Any money raised from the zone has to be reinvested in transport related projects and policies; it cannot be used to support the council's general budget and fund services such as bin collections.

Some of the projects already identified include:

  • implementing controlled parking zones on the outskirts of the A4540 Middleway to protect residents from people parking their vehicles on the outside
  • investment in pedestrianisation and active travel improvements
  • funding 20 hydrogen buses for a pilot scheme that will go live in 2021

You can read more about the schemes which have been identified for investment in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Charging Order.