Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

Charges and operation

Clean Air Zone boundary sign

When Birmingham's Clean Air Zone goes live in 2021, the owners of the most polluting vehicles will have to pay a daily charge to enter the zone. The Clean Air Zone is an area within the A4540 Middleway (but not the Middleway itself) and will operate 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

More than 300 signs will be installed on the road network surrounding the boundary to inform drivers they are approaching the zone. Vehicles that do not meet the emission standards for the zone will be detected by an ANPR camera (automatic number plate recognition).

The charges for vehicles which do not meet the emission standard will be:

  • Cars and LGVs £8 per day
  • Coaches and HGVs £50 per day.

During the course of one day (midnight - midnight), a vehicle can enter and exit the zone numerous times and only incur a single charge. However if they cross the midnight threshold they will be charged for two days.

Drivers can pay six days in advance of their visit, the day of their visit and six days after the day of their visit, giving a total payment window of 13 days. Payments can be paid online or over the phone using the national payment system (details of the payment system will be published once it goes live).

If a driver does not pay within that timeframe, they will be issued with a £120 fixed penalty charge notice. This will be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

The onus is on the driver to be aware they have entered the zone and to make the payment; they will not receive notification or a reminder that they have incurred a charge.

Money raised from the charges and subsequent fines will be used to fund sustainable transport-related measures such as walking and cycling routes and public transport.