Charges now live for Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

Charges now apply for non-compliant vehicles which drive through Birmingham's Clean Air Zone. Payment must be made within the allocated timeframe or a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued. Find out how to pay the charge

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  • Consultation documents and background information

    Public consultation on Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone took place in Summer 2018. You can still read the consultation information on our consultation website: Consultation documents for ...
  • Birmingham’s busy roads increase risk of cancer, heart and lung disease

    Living near a busy road in Birmingham can increase the risk of lung cancer by 4.1 percent and stunt children’s lung growth by 7.7 percent according to new research.
  • Birmingham’s e-cargo bike pilot launches in time to make Christmas deliveries green

    Birmingham City Council has received its first batch of e-cargo bikes - just in time for Christmas.
  • E-scooter trial zone set to expand in Birmingham

    Following a successful launch period, the operating area of Birmingham’s e-scooter trial will be expanded to the north and southwest of the city.
  • October 2020 newsletter

    Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the Brum Breathes newsletter
  • November 2020 newsletter

    Welcome to the November 2020 edition of the Brum Breathes newsletter
  • Bimingham City Council publishes Active Travel review

    A comprehensive review was launched in November 2020 to assess the impact and effectiveness of the emergency transport measures introduced as Birmingham emerged from the national lockdown.
  • December 2020 newsletter

    Welcome to the December 2020 edition of the monthly Brum Breathes newsletter
  • Hydrogen buses coming to Birmingham next Spring

    Birmingham City Council has purchased 20 new hydrogen double decker buses as part of their Clean Air Hydrogen Bus Pilot.
  • Rapid charging network for electric vehicles to be rolled out in Birmingham

    As part of its commitment to cut carbon emissions, Birmingham City Council will start the roll-out of 100% renewable energy electric vehicle charge points across the city from Autumn 2020.
  • Birmingham gets first hydrogen bus

    Birmingham City Council has unveiled the first of its 20 new hydrogen buses, which are set to be in operation later this year.
  • Council recognised for green travel plans

    Birmingham City Council has been awarded Modeshift STARS Business Bronze Accreditation for its green travel initiatives and encouraging staff to take-up more sustainable methods of transport.
  • Birmingham announces measures as part of new Emergency Transport Plan

    Birmingham City Council has launched its Emergency Transport Plan outlining plans for a wide range of measures to support walking, cycling and public transport across the city, in light of COVID-19.
  • More than £4m of further walking and cycling improvements to be delivered across Birmingham

    Birmingham City Council has been awarded circa £4.5m as part of the second tranche of funding from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund.
  • Business toolkit now available

    Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce have launched a toolkit to support organisations prepare for the launch of Birmingham's Clean Air Zone.
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  • Financial incentives; am I eligible?

    We are offering a range of financial incentives to help key groups get ready for the launch of the Clean Air Zone. Subject to meeting the ...
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  • Accessibility Statement

    Accessibility statement This accessibility statement applies to This website is run by Birmingham City Council. We want as many people as possible to be able to ...
  • Brum Breathes newsletter

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  • Commercial vehicles registered within the Clean Air Zone

    If you are a business that meets all of the qualifying criteria below, you can apply for a temporary exemption permit for a maximum of ...
  • Residents in the Clean Air Zone

    Do I qualify for this exemption? A temporary exemption permit is available for individuals who meet all three of the following criteria: You live at an address ...
  • Workers in the Clean Air Zone

    If you work in the Clean Air Zone, but live outside of it, you can apply for a temporary worker exemption permit if you meet ...
  • Commercial vehicles with existing finance agreements

    If you have finance agreements on commercial vehicles that extend beyond the start date of the Clean Air Zone and meet one of the following ...
  • I work in the Clean Air Zone

    If you work in the Clean Air Zone, but live outside of it, you can apply for a temporary worker exemption permit if you meet ...
  • I live in the Clean Air Zone

    If you live within the boundary of the Clean Air Zone and are the owner of a vehicle that will be charged, you may be ...
  • National Express to run zero-emission Sprint bus services

    National Express West Midlands