Pay a Clean Air Zone charge

You can pay a Clean Air Zone charge by calling the National Contact Centre on 0300 029 8888: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm, or you can pay online. Pay a Clean Air Zone charge on the GOV.UK website >

Early Notice Letter (ENL) Privacy information notice

Birmingham City Council (‘the Council’) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (‘Defra’) and the Department of Transport (‘DfT’) (Defra and DfT acting as the Joint Air Quality Unit (‘JAQU’), are acting as joint controllers (‘the Joint Controllers’) to ensure that those who are likely to be affected by the introduction of Clean Air Zones have sufficient warning of it coming into place.

This letter is sent to you by DVLA, who are acting on behalf of the Joint Air Quality Unit.

Your vehicle has recently travelled through an area that will, from 1 June 2021, be designated by the Council as a Clean Air Zone. Your vehicle registration mark (‘VRM’) was obtained from the Council’s automatic number plate recognition (‘ANPR’) cameras and passed to JAQU so that they could determine whether your vehicle meets current emission standards and notify you of the possible impact on you if not. Having checked your vehicle against the current standards, you are advised that your vehicle is likely to be subject to a charge if driven through the Birmingham Clean Air Zone after 1 June 2021. I hope you find the early notification we are giving you of this change helpful.

Your VRM, and your name and address as registered keeper of the vehicle, are your personal data. Processing of this data is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, for the monitoring and identification of contraventions of Part III and Schedule 12 of the Transport Act 2000 and Parts 2 and 6 of The Road User Charging Schemes (Penalty Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013 pertaining to Birmingham's Clean Air Zone Charging Order.

The Joint Controllers have agreed the following arrangement to determine their respective obligations under the UK GDPR:

  • They have jointly prepared this Privacy information notice.
  • They will cooperate with each other in responding to any request each receives from data subjects exercising their rights under data protection legislation in relation to their personal data (a ‘Data Subject Request’). The party which receives the Data Subject Request will fulfil the obligations of the controller to respond to the request in accordance with data protection legislation.
  • They will provide reasonable assistance to each other to enable a Data Subject Request to be dealt with in an expeditious and compliant manner.
  • Each shall be responsible for fulfilling the controller’s responsibilities under data protection legislation as to security of personal data when that personal data is processed on systems controlled by that party.
  • If one Joint Controller discovers a data breach, that party (the ‘Reporting party’) will ;be responsible for assessing whether the breach constitutes a personal data breach that is required to be notified to the Information Commissioner’s Office and (where applicable) to the data subjects under Articles 33 and 34 of the UK GDPR. The Reporting party shall fulfil the obligations of the controller to give such notice, if it is required, in accordance with data protection legislation.
  • They have agreed to provide reasonable assistance to each other in order to facilitate the handling of any data breach in an expeditious and compliant manner.
  • In the event of a dispute brought by a data subject or a data protection authority concerning the processing of personal data against either or both of them, the Joint Controllers will inform each other about any such disputes or claims, and will cooperate with a view to settling them amicably in a timely fashion.

Irrespective of the above arrangement, you can exercise your rights under the UK GDPR in respect of and against each of the Joint Controllers if you wish.

Your personal data will be deleted once your letter has been posted. To find out more about your rights in relation to your personal data, please see the following privacy notices: