Car Free School Streets

car free school streets Published: 14th Jan 2021

Imagine a world where children can walk through the school gates without navigating cars, traffic and air pollution.

That vision is becoming reality for schools across Birmingham.

Since September 2019, roads outside 6 schools in Birmingham have been closed to motor traffic at the start and end of the school day. This is part of a pilot scheme to reduce congestion and improve air quality at the school gates as well as making it easier and safer to walk or cycle to school.

Building on the success of this initial pilot, the initiative is being expanded to include 6 additional schools for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

This scheme aims to:

  • cut down on traffic and parking pressures outside schools
  • discourage car journeys to school and encourage walking and cycling
  • make the streets outside schools safer at the start and end of the day
  • improve air quality and create a more pleasant environment for everyone

Find out the difference it has made to the teachers, pupils and neighbours at one primary school by watching a short video and for more information, visit the Birmingham City Council website.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel