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Birmingham residents receiving vaccinations at Millennium Point exempt from Clean Air Zone charge

Published: 6th Jul 2021

Birmingham residents are able to get a ‘walk-in’ vaccination at Millennium Point from this week and are also exempt from Clean Air Zone charges if driving a non-compliant vehicle.

Walk-in (no appointment) Covid vaccinations are available this week from today (Wednesday 23 July) to Sunday (27 June) for people under the age of 40 at Millennium Point. Birmingham residents aged 18 and over can attend, without appointment, between 10am and 4pm.

The Millennium Point mass vaccination centre also comes under Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone medical exemption voucher scheme. The scheme provides visitors who drive a non-compliant vehicle to attend an appointment at Millennium Point, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Bath Row Medical Practice and Badger Medical Centre with a voucher that exempts them from the daily charge.

The vouchers provide a code for a duration of a single Clean Air Zone payment day period (midnight to midnight) and voucher recipients will need to input the code on the Brum Breathes website which will then give them a 24-hour exemption for that period.

Councillor Paulette Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said: “It is so important people get vaccinated and the council is working with NHS colleagues and other partners to try to increase uptake, especially in those areas of the city where uptake is low but case rates are higher than elsewhere.

“While we want to encourage people to use alternatives to driving when they can, we know it is difficult for some so it is absolutely right that we make exemptions for non-compliant vehicles for people getting vaccinated. So please do attend these centres if you can and get your CAZ voucher if you qualify.”

Councillor Waseem Zaffar MBE, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment said: The Clean Air Zone has set the wheels in motion to create cleaner and safer air in our city. We have always understood the need to provide key groups of people with additional support as part of our journey towards cleaner air.

“As our city begins to recover from the pandemic, we are urging everyone to get vaccinated and it’s important we support those in non-compliant vehicles by providing them with this exemption.”

A voucher will only be required for vehicles which do not meet the emission standards. Vouchers can be redeemed 6 days in advance of a visit, the day of a visit, or 6 days after.

A new voucher will be required each day so any drivers who regularly attend the medical centres and hospitals will be able to get a voucher each day they visit. The vouchers will be available to collect from reception and must be redeemed online.

You can find out more and input a voucher code on the Brum Breathes website.

(Photo provided by Millennium Point - Creative Commons licence)