Early Notice Letters

If you have received an Early Notice Letter advising you that your vehicle will be subject to daily charges when the Clean Air Zone goes live on 1 June 2021, find out what to do next. Why have I received an Early Notice Letter?

Exemptions and financial incentives

Exemptions and financial incentives

If you are the owner of a non-compliant vehicle that will be subject to a daily charge in Birmingham's Clean Air Zone, you may qualify for a temporary exemption permit and/or financial incentive.

Before applying for either a temporary exemption permit or financial, check your vehicle. If your vehicle is not subject to the charge you do not need to take any action and therefore will not be eligible for an exemption or financial incentive:

Check your vehicle

If you are eligible for an exemption, you must submit your application and all supporting evidence/ information by 10 May 2021 to guarantee your receipt of your permit in time for the start of the Clean Air Zone on 1 June 2021. We cannot guarantee applications submitted after this time will be processed in time for the launch of the zone and therefore you may be subject to the daily charge