Clean Air Zone overview and operation

Planning your travel

If your car is not Clean Air Zone compliant and you need to travel around the zone, you may wish to plan before you travel. 

Birmingham is working to continuously improve public transport services which means there is a wide variety of transport options to take you from A to B.  

Plan your journey and think about alternative options with these available journey planners 


Why use public transport?

Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air, so in a time where we are working to reduce emissions, it’s worth thinking about alternative methods of travel:

Save time and money on commuting

  • Using public transport can cut journey times to up to half the time it can take in a car.
  • Money towards day saver and returns tickets can also cost much less than filling up on petrol and diesel every week.
  • With the Clean Air Zone being introduced to the city this will also save costs on paying the daily charge if your vehicle is not compliant

Do your bit to support the environment

  • By moving people more efficiently, public transport produces significantly less air pollution per passenger mile than a standard car carrying a single driver.

Feel an improvement on your health and wellbeing

  • Making more active choices of travel are known to have an improved impact on your health and wellbeing.
  • Using public transport contributes to your daily step count and dependent on the length of your journey, can contribute to your daily exercise intake.