Pay a Clean Air Zone charge

You can pay a Clean Air Zone charge by calling the National Contact Centre on 0300 029 8888: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm, or you can pay online. Pay a Clean Air Zone charge on the GOV.UK website >

What does it mean for me?

I live in the Clean Air Zone

If you live within the boundary of the Clean Air Zone and are the owner of a vehicle that will be charged, you may be able to apply for a temporary exemption permit for residents.

A temporary exemption permit is available for individuals who meet all three of the following criteria:

  • You live at an address within the Clean Air Zone
  • You own a vehicle that does not met the emission standards for the Clean Air Zone and will be subject to the daily charge
  • The vehicle is registered to the same address you live at

If your vehicle is not subject to the charges, you do not need to apply or take any action.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers who live in the zone cannot register their commercial vehicle for a temporary exemption permit, but may be eligible for a financial incentive.

Check your vehicle

This exemption is available for up to two years (24 months) from the launch of the Clean Air Zone (not from the date you apply), and will allow you to drive your non-compliant vehicle through the zone without having to pay the daily charge.

Please note that you will need to renew your exemption permit after the first 12 months of the zone going live.

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Apply for an exemption permit