What does it mean for me?

Will I be charged?

Check your vehicle

The Clean Air Zone will help tackle Birmingham’s air quality problem by charging the owners of the most polluting vehicles to drive through an area within the A4540 Middleway (but not the Middleway itself)

If your vehicle meets the following emission standards you will not need to pay the daily charge:

  • Euro 6 (VI) or better for diesel engine
  • Euro 4 or better for petrol engines
  • For diesel/petrol electric hybrids the vehicle should meet the relevant emission standards
  • Fully electric or hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles will not need to pay the charge

If you need to pay the daily charge you may be able to apply for one of several exemptions or financial incentives.

If you do not need to pay the daily charge you can still help improve Birmingham’s air quality by choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport more often. You can find out more about how Birmingham is encouraging sustainable travel through its Transport Plan.