What does it mean for me?

I work in the Clean Air Zone

If you work in the Clean Air Zone, but live outside of it, you can apply for a temporary worker exemption permit if you meet all three of the following criteria:

  • You are the registered owner/ keeper of a vehicle that will be charged
  • You work at least 18 hours per week at a business premise situated within the Clean Air Zone
  • You earn no more than £30,000 a year

Check your vehicle

The exemption permit will be valid for up to one year (12 months) from the launch of the Clean Air Zone (not from the date you apply). During this period you will be able to drive your non-compliant vehicle through the zone without having to pay the daily charge.

Please note we will only accept one vehicle exemption per applicant.

Furthermore, if you meet all three of the above criteria and have owned your vehicle since before 10 September 2018, you may also be eligible for our financial incentive. This scheme can provide up to £2,000 to eligible applicants if they scrap a vehicle that does not meet the emission standards for the Clean Air Zone.

Please note, when applying for the temporary exemption permit or financial incentive, the owner/ keeper of the vehicle must be the same name as the employee; if you drive a partner, relative or friend’s vehicle to commute then you will not be eligible. We will only exempt one vehicle per applicant and people who volunteer in unpaid roles will not be eligible.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers who work in the zone cannot register their commercial vehicle for a temporary exemption permit, but may be eligible for a financial incentive.

To apply, you will need to provide proof of vehicle ownership/ keeper, proof of earnings and proof of employment within the Clean Air Zone.

Apply for an exemption permit

Interested in the financial incentive for workers?

To register an expression of interest in the financial incentive for workers, send us your details via the Feedback Form and add 'I am interested in the financial incentive for workers' in the comment box.

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